Warehouse Solutions

FlexBA Warehouse Management System and Warehouse Handling System (FlexBA WMS-WHS)

GCS offers custom integrated Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Warehouse Handling System (WHS) solutions based on advanced technologies allowing the optimization of all warehouse operations and management processes.

FlexBA WMS-WHS grants warehousing enterprises the ability to monitor, control and manage their warehouse operations including receiving goods, managing inventory and goods shipping processes. By applying advanced technologies in logistics automation, FlexBA WMS-WHS can adapt to different sizes and requirements of the warehouses, and increase responsiveness, accuracy and efficient usability of facilities, enabling the ability to process a large number of inbound and outbound transactions concurrently.

FlexBA WMS-WHS also provides add-on integrative capabilities to existing Purchase/Sales Order Management Systems, Transport Management Systems or any High-Ranking System via Web services/XML-based data exchanges to completely automate end-to-end warehouse operations and processes.

Core features of FlexBA WMS-WHS:

  • Warehouse Management System: Manage commodities, locations, master data, purchase orders, sales orders and labors; ease of integration of FlexBA WMS with other ERP systems and FlexBA WHS.
  • Warehouse Handling System: Automate warehouse operations such as receiving, quality control, storage in, movement, replenishment, picking, sorting and shipping by using cart terminals, handheld terminals, PDA and Voice devices. WHS can also work as a standalone application and communicate with any other ERP/WMS systems independently through web services or files-based.
  • Technologies: RFID, RF, 1D or 2D barcode readers, serial/bluetooth printers, handheld devices, hand-free (voice) devices, component-based and multi-tiered architectures; applicable for multi-warehouses with customizable layout, reporting, and business processes for specific activities.

Benefits of FlexBA WMS-WHS:

  • Empower with real time data reporting
  • Increase labor efficiency
  • Improve productivity of receiving, picking, sorting, product inspection
  • Increase delivery accuracy up to 99.8%
  • Increase storage capacity and organization of materials
  • Reduce paperwork and data entry mistakes
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