Secondary Sales Management

FlexBA SSM - Secondary Sales Management/ Sales and Distribution Management

Global CyberSoft offers a custom integrated Secondary Sales Management (SSM) solution for streamlining your sales and distribution chain from trading head office through distributors to retailers, collecting real-time market information for strategic demand planning and decision making.

GCS utilizes FlexBA SSM (Secondary Sales Management), an end-to-end integrated enterprise-wide business solution dedicated to sales and distribution operations. FlexBA SSM helps to streamline the full distribution chain from trading head office through distributors to retailers, to maximize control over operations and inventory for better services. FlexBA SSM can be run independently or integrated with  ERPWarehouse Management System and Business Intelligence solutions to allow two-way data flows among distribution chain entities by using advanced technologies and custom approaches. It can also seamlessly integrate with FlexBA POS and e-Commerce to bring multi-channel retail services to consumers.

Core features of FlexBA SSM:

  • Sales Organization Chart and Sales Performance Management: Manage the whole sales organization’s entities and sales performance objectives.
  • Distributor management: Manage distributors with Sales supervisor and Sales staff; support distributors in managing their distribution operations.
  • Retailer/Customer Management: Contains built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Loyalty systems.
  • Route planning and management: Support monthly route planning and readjusting specific days to adapt daily sales tactics.
  • Distributors, Customers and Van Inventory Management: Manage inventory across multiple warehouses / stocks, distributors, retailers, and vans and track item history.
  • Promotion and Pricing Management: Handle multiple pricing and discount levels; manage promotion campaign budgets and gift options/rules.
  • Order Processing: Support both Pre-sales and Prompt/Van Sales using PDA/Smartphones or PCs.
  • Payment Management: Manage debts and payment collection, including partial payments.
  • Market Survey: Manage survey processing from head office to collecting field data.
  • Reports and Multi-dimensional Analytics: Enable viewing of analytical information via multiple dimensions.

Benefits of FlexBA SSM:

  • Provide market intelligence and information about customer needs for better optimization of working capital.
  • Provide real time market feedback after launching new products.
  • Enable quick visibility of trade marketing effectiveness.
  • Shorten order to delivery lead-time, enabling better control of oversupply or out of stock inventory.
  • Provide full visibility of market penetration and customer visiting of sales force from the field.
  • Promote efficient management.
  • Enable effective communication with distributors, retailers and the sales force.
  • Better monitor and improve product, distributor, and sales force performances.
  • Reduce paperwork, sales administration effort and data entry mistakes.
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