Global CyberSoft provides end-to-end testing in an established, state-of-the-art facility configured for complex enterprise applications, portals and products. We offer a full spectrum of Software Quality Assurance (SQA) services. This means supporting clients to establish and confirm the reliability and security of all software systems critical to operational – and therefore commercial – success.


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GCS have expertise, experience and resources in various domains:

  • Web-based Applications
  • Mobile and embedded systems
  • Enterprise and PC software products
  • Set-top-box, Smart TV
  • Device drivers
  • Network and communication systems
  • Financial and Banking application


BotsinaTM is an advanced automation test suite that has been developed based on the real needs of previous clients and from current in-house projects. The tool provides a complete test suite which is able to automate tests on various platforms and devices, including Web browsers, desktops (Windows, Linux and MacOS), mobiles (iOS, Android), SmartTV and other embedded platforms; with test development and execution centers that have a simple and user-friendly design. It enables testers to run tests rapidly, efficiently and most importantly saves on testing costs.

BotsinaTM architecture consists of three important parts:

  • BotsinaTM Development center (DC) - helps test developers to develop automation tests quickly and efficiently with easy to use features like Spy, Record and Playback. The test developer can either manually create test scripts on the script editor or Record the actions from the test target device, then BotsinaTM DC will convert them into runnable scripts. BotsinaTM DC is a Java desktop application that can be run on different operating systems like Windows, Linux and MacOS.
  • BotsinaTM Test Factory (TF) – is a cloud based central test management system, which can be accessed through the web browser. It helps to remotely access, run and analyze all the developed testing projects. In addition to that, BotsinaTM TF provides Test Report Management that helps the test managers monitor reports of all tested applications.
  • BotsinaTM Agent – is deployed on specific device or platform to interact with Application Under Test (AUT). Agents act as communication bridge between BotsinaTM DC/TF and target AUTs


  • IP – based test environment: Test scripts/scenarios can be executed simultaneously on many devices by using WIFI network. 
  • Single test script for multiple platforms: BotsinaTM offers reusable test scripts to test on multiple devices, reduces time and resources for developing these test scripts
  • Integrated ability: With integrated ability, bugs are reported to Bug Tracking system (Jira) while test results are posted to Test management system (Testlink) in an automatic and timely manner.
  • Keyword-driven testing requires minimal scripting language skill: Keyword-driven and Data-driven testing fully eliminate the difficulties in developing test scripts.It also reduces maintenance effort; optimize time and resources for executing test scripts. The users can immediately start creating test scripts based on a ready-to-use Keyword library in the most intuitive and simple way..
  • CI/DevOps integration: Allows CI/ DevOps engine to execute test runs seamlessly without UI for nightly build and test purpose.
  • Team version control: Supports managing (e.g. Checkout, Update, Commit, Resolve conflicts) and sharing the versions of test scripts directly and effectively among team members
  • Smart testing: With AI/ML Engine that support test result analysis and test data pruning


HITA (Hitachi Impact Testing Analyzer)TM i) is a change impact analysis tool for different programming languages (Java, Sql, C++ and C#). It helps software developers, testers and managers calculate the impact of a software change in a complex software development projects. It is an AI-driven cloud based software that visualizes the impact of a change between software elements in a visual map (using AI algorithms) and provides the necessary solutions to successfully overcome the impact change.

Software development projects becomes increasingly large and complex, there is an ever need to predict and control the effect of software changes. There comes the role of HITA, which eases the organization of software projects from automatically converting the source code to dynamic diagrams until the generation of AI driven impact analysis reports for regression testing.


  • Automatic generation of diagrams (Class, Component, ER diagrams…) from source code/database. 
  • Detects and displays software elements inter-dependencies. 
  • Identification and visualization of impact change analysis and change propagation on other components of the program structure (Using AI algorithms). 
  • Elaboration of detailed Impact Analysis Reports showing different impact levels on each affected element.
  • Automatic verification of changes between two software builds. 
  • Detection and display of software elements inter-dependencies. 
  • The ability to manually change the impact level of each element of the software.
  • User friendly interface to manually create system integration diagrams. 
  • Importation and allocation of test suites/test cases from Testlink.
  • Test flow generation which can be followed by software testers for regression testing. 
  • Easy allocation of test cases to their corresponding components, classes or tables. 


Service packages:

  • End-to-end

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  • Execution

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  • Automation

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  • Test Harness

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